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As a private offering, the PREIT™ terms sheet is available exclusively to Primior investors and clients.

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The PREIT™ is the future of hands-off real estate investing with Primior, your experienced asset manager & project developer.

With a keen focus on strategic asset management and innovative development, the PREIT™ offers a seamless investment pathway tailored to today’s market demands. Leveraging Primior’s extensive experience in the Rental Housing, Data Center, Mixed-Use, and other sectors, PREIT™ provides investors with unique opportunities to engage in real estate investments with reduced complexities.

Coupling industry knowledge with a robust, region-specific understanding of Southern California, we ensure optimal project execution, risk mitigation, and targeted growth. It’s time to invest with confidence; it’s time to invest with PREIT™.


A snapshot of the geographic distribution of the properties in the PREIT™.

$285 MillionTotal Asset Value*
$95 MillionNet Asset Value*
Property Sectors

Overview of all of the different property sectors we invest in for the PREIT™.

80%Secured Debt*
Investment Strategies

Breakdown of our targeted investment strategy and the investment structures we are prioritizing.

NOI 12%+Annualized Return*
8%Monthly Dividend (Annualized)*

* The figures, percentages, and financial data presented are targeted projections and are not a guarantee of future performance. The outlined metrics serve as objectives rather than historical benchmarks. Prospective investors should exercise caution and consult with financial and legal advisors before making any investment decisions. Investment opportunities with PREIT™ are available exclusively to those who have an existing relationship with Primior.

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This website and the content provided are intended solely for (i) specific types of qualified investors, (ii) individuals in regions where the distribution of Primior Real Estate Investment Trust (“PREIT™”) is legally permitted, and (iii) existing Primior investors and/or clients. Full details regarding an investment in shares of PREIT™, including the associated risks, can be found in the PPM and Offering Terms Document:

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