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What is Primior Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT™)?

PREIT™ is an exclusive Real Estate Investment Trust managed by Primior. Our primary focus is on rental housing, data centers, and healthcare properties. We also consider investments in hospitality, mixed-use, and other commercial sectors. While our core investments are in California, we actively explore opportunities across the U.S.

Investment opportunities are available only to those with an existing relationship with PREIT™. We do not accept investments from new investors.

PREIT™ focuses primarily on rental housing, data centers, and healthcare properties, aiming to capitalize on market trends, demographic shifts, and community needs. While our main investments are in California, we are also active in other regions across the U.S.

Investing in PREIT™ is designed to be straightforward. Investors can consult the Offering Terms, or connect with a Primior representative.

Investment opportunities are available only to those with an existing relationship with PREIT™. We do not accept investments from new investors.

PREIT™ is managed by Primior, an experienced asset manager & project developer. With local expertise and an expert team, Primior offers sound investment strategies, leveraging local market insights.

PREIT™ primarily focuses on investment opportunities in Southern California. This region is chosen for its potential growth, market trends, and investment prospects. Although this is our primary geographic focus, we also invest outside of California in promising markets.

Fees may include asset management fees, acquisition, development, and disposition fees, among others. Specifics are detailed in the Offering Terms, providing transparency to investors.

PREIT™ incorporates robust risk management practices, including due diligence, diversified investments, and close monitoring of market trends. This ensures the alignment of investments with the portfolio’s objectives.

PREIT™ has carefully designed distribution policies that align with investors’ interests. Details on frequency, sources, and potential tax implications can be found within the Offering Terms.

You can reach out to the PREIT™ team via email at preit@primior.com. For more personalized assistance or to get in touch with an investment strategist, visit the Contact Page at preit.primior.com/contact. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries related to your investment opportunities with PREIT™.

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