Explore Primior's REIT resources including Disclosures, Offering Terms, PPM, FAQs, and Leadership details. A comprehensive guide for informed real estate investing with PREIT™.


Access essential regulatory and compliance information related to PREIT™. Our Disclosures section provides transparency into our operations, ensuring investor confidence and trust.

Offering Terms

Review the specific conditions and provisions that govern your investment with PREIT™. Our Offering Terms outline the contractual agreements designed to safeguard your financial interests.


Navigate through the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) to understand the detailed investment structure, strategy, and risk factors. The PPM is your blueprint for successful investment with PREIT™.


Find quick answers to common questions about PREIT™. Our FAQs cover various aspects of investing, from fundamental inquiries to complex topics, helping you invest with clarity.


Meet the talented and experienced team behind PREIT™. Our Leadership section introduces you to the professionals who steer our vision, embodying expertise and commitment in every decision.

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