PREIT™ Leadership

Meet the visionary leadership team at Primior, the driving force behind our innovative real estate solutions, investment strategies, and community initiatives.


Executive Team

Steering innovation with experience: Our executive team embodies excellence, ambition, and strategic insight.

Our executive team is composed of industry veterans who possess a rich blend of knowledge, creativity, and strategic thinking.

Johnney Zhang
Founder, Managing Partner

Johnney Zhang is founder and CEO of Primior, a strategic real estate development and investment management firm. He is also executive director of the Zhang Group family office, in which capacity he serves in leadership positions at investment banking firm Xnergy and medical supplier NewRain. Zhang is an alumnus of Teesside University in the United Kingdom, where he studied business management. He resides in Los Angeles.

Peter Ciaccia
CIO, Managing Partner

Peter Ciaccia is an investor and operator with executive leadership experience in the private equity and commercial real estate sector. Most recently he was a senior investment professional at Fundamental Advisors, a private equity firm managing more than $3 billion in capital commitments. Ciaccia earned his bachelor’s degree from New York University and his MBA from NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He resides in New York

Management Team

Building success through collaboration: Our management team integrates expertise with a shared vision.

The management team at Primior plays a vital role in translating our core values into actionable strategies.

Andrew Palacios
Managing Director, Marketing

Guiding Primior’s marketing initiatives, Andrew’s leadership transforms market insights into compelling narratives that resonate with investors.

Chuck Minyard
Managing Director, Architecture & Design

With an eye for aesthetics and functionality, Chuck leads the creative design process at Primior, turning vision into reality through architectural excellence.

Brad Cullen
Director, Leasing & Sales

Brad’s strategic oversight in commercial leasing and sales fosters growth and client satisfaction, optimizing property performance.

Julie Mays Ghosh
Director of Investor Relations

Julie’s relationship-focused approach strengthens Primior’s investor connections, ensuring alignment, trust, and partnership in all investment endeavors.

Stephanie Archer
Director of Asset Management

With an extensive background in financial strategy and real estate, Stephanie leads the Asset Management division, focusing on maximizing investment returns, risk assessment, and tailor-made solutions for property optimization.

Cullen Cheung
Director of Investor Advisory

Cullen’s commitment to client satisfaction is paralleled by his expertise in investor advisory, fortifying Primior’s standing as a leader in delivering unparalleled value.

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